You pick 10 teams in total. Any ten teams you want. These are your teams for the entire pool/tournament.

Teams score points based on the formula: (Seed x round) for each round that the team stays alive. Points are cumulative.

When a team is eliminated they no longer earn points but you retain any points earned up to that time.

Example: a fifth seed team lasts for 3 rounds

5*1= 5points for 1st round

5*2= 10 points for 2nd round

5*3= 15 points for 3rd round

5+10+15=30 points total for that particular team counting towards your final point total.

The point total for all ten of your teams is your final score.

Tiebreaker is total points scored by both teams in the championship game.

Pot will be split among top 3 scorers 60-30-10