Rule 1:

* One loss and you're eliminated

Rule 2:

* You must pick one team each week to win outright. (no spread) Spreads are displayed only for informational purposes.

Rule 3:

* You can't pick the same team twice during the season.

Rule 4:

* An NFL tie is a loss

Rule 5:

* A Duplicate pick is a loss. Check your picks!! Picksheet should prevent it but you are still responsible to check! I'll change it using Rule 6 criteria if I catch it.

Rule 6:

* If you do not make a pick you will be given the team favored by the most points that you have not already used.
* In case of a tie, you get the team with best record.
* In case of a tie, you get whichever team is playing at home.
* In case of a tie, you get whichever team nickname comes first alphabetically (i.e., Bears before Falcons, etc.)
* I must receive your pick BEFORE the deadline!!

Rule 7:

Since there is a Thursday game every week this year (more or less) that pick will always be due by game time.
The Thursday game will never be the default pick if you don't make your own pick.

Enjoy The Pool!