Pool Rules


Rule 1: The Pool Manager does not get paid a salary, so don't break my stones. If you have a question, e-mail me. I read and reply to all inquiries.

Rule 2: The object of the pool  is to make the most correct picks against the spread each week , and for the whole season. If you don't pick a game, you get the favorite. Monday night points will be 42 if you don't specify.If the all-default picks wins the week, there will be no winner for that week. Of course your wins will count towards the season total.

Rule 3: The weekly payout will be 125 as of now. If more people join than anticipated,the weekly payout may increase. Season winners: top 3 players split remaining pot 60% - 30% - 10%. All fees (minus one) taken in will be paid out.

Rule 4: I must receive your picks by the picks deadline, usually 10pm on Saturday, unless otherwise specified. Thursday night pick is due by game time.Please plan ahead!

Rule 5: Monday night games count towards the weekly and the season point totals. Total points on Monday night will still be the weekly tie-breaker.

Rule 6: Season tie-breaker will be the lowest average Monday difference. In other words, the person whose average difference from the total points that comes closest to the actual Monday night points total over the course of the season will win the tie-breaker with respect to the final season standings.

Rule 7: It is up to you to submit a pick sheet with your actual picks. The last pick sheet received before the final deadline will be your final picks for the week.

Rule 8: I repeat: You can change your mind as many times as you wish.The last pick sheet submitted will be your final picks. Enjoy The Pool!