Pick sheet deadline is noon on Sunday

79 players eliminated from the Survivor Pool thus far.

NOTE: As stated at the beginning of the season if a game is canceled, you will be assigned a new team based on the  criteria listed on the rules page for the survivor pool, IF you don’t change the pick on your own by the picks deadline. If you chose a team that has their game moved to Monday or Tuesday and it subsequently gets canceled on Monday or Tuesday morning you will incur a loss as if you didn’t pick at all  because it will be too late to assign you a new team once the Sunday games start. I will try to steer you away from any possibly  problematic games. Watch your email for updates after noon on Saturday which is when the NFL announces the results of pre-game Covid tests

For this season the pick deadline will be noon ET on Sunday. If the NFL (Jets) allows fans later this season the deadline will change to Saturday night.

You can change your picks as many times as you like up until the deadline

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